Sustainable Transport Communications Dataset (STCD)

This dataset is under continuous development to support research in behaviour change for sustainable transport and to provide an exemplar of practise in developing datasets to underpin reproducible & replicable Computer Science research. It has been reported upon in the following publications:

The dataset itself is stored in a Git repository and is available via the STCD website

Climate Change Argument Dataset (CCAD)

This dataset has been developed to support research into visualisation of large-scale argument datasets. A goal in assembling this dataset was to develop a single, cohesive, large-scale dataset for a specific contentious real-world domain. The dataset is used in the Argument Cartography project.

Partisan Political Advertising Dataset (PPAD)

This dataset was constructed as part of research into the uses of digital technology to persuade voters. The core data consists of analyses and reconstructions of a set of political adverts that were used by leave aligned campaigns during the 2016 EU referendum and were submitted to a Select Committee of the House of Commons Department of Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).

Moral Maze Dataset (MMD)

This dataset was constructed from the Art-Tech data release of BBC Moral Maze transcripts. The original data was published as a Word document. This was processed to produce a cleaned set of versioned data that is stored in a useable format.